Harmonica for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn a musical instrument but thought you couldn’t?  You might not be able to afford the piano or the guitar and if you could, you still have to learn how to play them, they can be difficult to learn and will take a lot of time and commitment, not to mention difficult to carry around. On the other hand, learning the harmonica can be easy and easy on the pocket as well as in it.

Harmonica for Beginners

Hohner Marine Band an excellent Harmonica fro Beginners

The Harmonica a is fairly easy instrument to learn and it is a small instrument which doesn’t cost much.  You can buy a decent harmonica quite cheaply.  It can be stuck in a pocket and taken just about anywhere.  You can find harmonica for beginner  lessons in many places online and many of these lessons are easy to follow and can have you playing tunes quickly.

In theory It doesn’t take long to learn  to play the harmonica, some people have said it takes about 10 hours to learn, although in reality it can take a lifetime to master.

Harmonica for Beginners Quick Progress

When you begin playing  you can accomplish some things  quite quickly, like blowing one clean clear note and being able to hit the note time after time achieving that perfect pitch without thinking about it. You can quickly accomplish this and you will get a great sense of accomplishment when you have mastered the different notes..When you are starting to learn how to play the harmonica, you will likely stick to basic harmonica songs for beginners.

As your skill level progresses you will be able to expand into different genres like blues harmonica.  While the mouth organ harmonica is used a lot in blues music, you can play just about any style of music with a harmonica.  Remember Billy Joel and “Piano Man?”

 What the Best Harmonica for Beginners?

Before you can begin to play the harmonica you need to purchase one.  How can you find out what the best harmonica for beginners is?”  By doing some research, try searching Amazon, they have many good quality harmonicas fro sale and there is a lot of information with the sale page to help you make up your mind.

Harmonica for Begineers

Suzuki Easy Rider Harmonica

A Suzuki Easy Rider is a cheap (approx. $15) and a reasonable harmonica for a beginner.  Hohner Marine Band is recognized as one of the best harmonicas for the beginner, although more expensive (between $50 & $ 80) with this one you will get a deeper high quality sound.  You want to buy a harmonica in the key of “C” as most lessons are based around this key.  There are some that are much more expensive, but there is no reason to buy one until you are really good at it.

Most of the lessons for beginners are going to start off with playing single notes.  Each hole has two notes one when you blow through the hole and a different note when draw, or suck air in.  This sounds simple enough but remember your mouth will cover up at least three holes so when you try to play a hole, you have to block holes with your tongue so the air only goes through one hole.  Once you are comfortable playing both notes in each hole, you can begin to play simple one note songs.

Once you are comfortable with the single notes you can progress on to playing chords.  This is easier on a harmonica than a piano.  The holes next to each other will play a chord.  Simply both through more than one hole at a time and you get a perfect chord.  After you can do this the only one left is to learn how to bend notes.  Then it is time to move on to more songs and get creative.

A “Harmonica Tabs for Beginners” lesson should be one of the first lessons you learn.  Tabs are simply the way of writing the notes you play.  While piano use sheet music with notes, harmonica users like to write the number of the hole down and then make notes as to whether it is an exhale, inhale, bend a note and how many steps to bend.  A tab might look like +6 which would mean blow into hole 6.  It might look like -4” meaning inhale full tone bend on hole 4.  With music written this way it is easy to learn how to play.

While all of this can look like a lot to take in and learn, you can accomplish a lot if you just set aside some time and practice.  You can even try to teach yourself to play by practicing blowing and inhaling on the harp and matching songs you already know.  This is not going to be the best way to learn.

Find online lessons that teach how to play the harmonica for beginners is going to be much more productive.  Organized lessons will teach you in an orderly fashion with each step building off the previous step.  You will progress faster and are less likely to get discouraged.

A great way to do this is to find a tutor or course like George Goodman and this is Harp ‘N’ Guitar, where right from the start you are playing great music along with him learning as you go. The way he teaches you will keep you engaged and you find yourself learning quickly without too much thinking or stress. Check out his teaching style in the video below.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

The learning curve when learning the harmonica for beginners can be easy or hard Harp ‘N’ Guitar is the easy way, Blues Harmonica!