Play the Harmonica

Play the Harmonica

Play the Harmonica

There are many wonderful instruments in the world but for me the Harmonica is one of the most underrated. When I first learnt to play the harmonica, after the first hour of trying I was wasn’t to sure it was for me. Sure I had heard some great blues, folk and Jazz being played with the harmonica and that is why I chose to try and play one, but man I was awful.

Why was I so awful, that I nearly put myself off trying to learn to Play the Harmonica?

A good question! Well, what was I thinking going out and buying a harmonica, sitting down and thinking this can’t be hard and just going for it? I had no idea what I was doing and no process or structure to what I was trying to achieve. What I really needed to learn play the harmonica was both of these things, structure and a process to follow. I needed this in order to correctly learn the basics and understand the workings of the harmonica and what its limits are. Clearly sitting down and just giving it a go was not going to help me.
Play the Harmonica

So what do you need to learn to play the harmonica?

Don’t forget, I knew virtually nothing about music and I could not play any other instrument. What I really needed was some lessons. I could have gone out and found a teacher, one on one, in my local area but this was quite expensive. Then I looked one line and found out there were hundreds of online courses, some free and some I would have to pay for, but not as much as a local teacher.

I then tried some of the free ones on YouTube and leant quite a bit but I was still struggling to improve and understand what I was doing. I came across a YouTube video from George Goodman and I really liked the way he taught. Basically right from the start with his free and easy manner, he had my attention and I was playing along with him. He has a great course completely designed for beginners like me and it is renowned as being one of the best courses out there. I am certainly jamming with the best of them now and am real happy I found this online video course.


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How to Play Harmonica

Play the Harmonica and get more out of life.

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