Playing Harmonica

Playing the harmonica can be a great way to learn a musical instrument for beginners. It is easy to learn and with a few hours practice under the right tutor you can easily be playing you first tune. The harmonica lends itself to so many different styles of music Folk, classical, Gospel, Rock, Country and most of all Blues. So what ever your tastes you can adapt the harmonica to suit.

Playing Harmonica- In the key of C

Hohner Marine Band in C

If you are just about to start Playing Harmonica you need to make sure you buy the right harmonica for a beginner, general to start playing the harmonica as a novice it is better to choose one in the key of C. This is one of best beginners harmonicas around today, many professionals use it too.

How do I start Playing Harmonica?

Well the first step was to buy a harmonica to play and I am sure you would of taken it out of the box and had a blow straight away. Great, get a feel for it and learn what you can do with it but rather then just plough straight in with no plan or structure you better take some time out and think about what you want to achieve. Do you just want to make some sounds and dabble with it for your own entertainment or do you want to learn to play well enough to entertain your friends and family?

Playing Harmonica

Playing Harmonica for Real

If you want to just kick back and mess around for your own entertainment, well if thats what you want thats great. Most people dream about play to entertain their friend or family, maybe one day even playing to paying customers. If this is your dream you need to take notice of what I am about to say.

Find yourself an good tutor, don´t go off half cocked and have no structure or purpose to your learning. You can pick up bad habits real quick,they will be very hard to break once you have adapted to them and they will hold you back from getting to the next level.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

So before you start playing harmonica find your self a good tutor, one to one tuition can be expensive but nowadays online courses can  give you an excellent grounding. George Goodman is one if the leading harmonica tutors online and his video courses are some of the best you will find on the internet.

How to Play the Harmonica

Most of all when you are playing harmonica enjoy it.

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