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Learn HarmonicaSo you have decided it is time to learn how to play a musical instrument. There are many to choose from. The one instrument you should consider is the harmonica. There are several reason why you should learn harmonica instead of some other instrument.

Why Learn Harmonica?

One of the main reasons is that a harmonica is cheap. There is a great selection of harmonicas for less than $15. How many guitars or pianos have you seen for $15? Probably not any. Think of what happens if you decide not to keep learning or playing a guitar. You will have wasted several hundred dollars on a guitar. If you buy a harmonica and quit, you are only out a few bucks. Not that you would quit.


Another reason to pick the harmonica is that it is easy to learn to play a harmonica. To play a harmonica all you have to do is blow or inhale across the holes. If you blow through more than one hole at a time, you produce a perfect chord. There are different ways to play notes on a harmonica. The first is to blow through a single hole at a time to produce one note. Then you can inhale through the same hole to make a different note. You can blow through several holes at once to produce a chord. You can change the shape of your mouth to bend a note and make a different sound. All of these things are covered when you are learning harmonica. You can even search in Google for lesson and learn harmonica online.

A harmonica is also one of the most portable instruments. Could you imagine carrying a piano around with you

everywhere you go? Guitars are portable but they are also bigger and heavier. You would notice the weight of a guitar after only a few minutes, but you would likely forget you even have a harmonica in your pocket. This is one of the reasons harmonicas were so popular among the cowboys: it was very easy to pack a harmonica in a saddle bag.
One thing that keeps people from learning an instrument is reading music. And to be honest reading music is not all that easy. When you learn to play the harmonica you don’t have to learn to read music. Harmonica notes are called tabs and they are very easy to understand and follow. The tabs consist of a plus for blow, minus for inhale, the number of the hole, quotes in the note is to be bent. It will look something like -4’. This would mean to inhale through the number 4 hole and bend the note down onen tone. Likewise a +6 means to blow through hole 6. See? To learn harmonica you don’t need to read music.

Learn Harmonica and be able to many Music Genres

Learn Harmonica

Find Out How to Play the Blues

With a harmonica you are not limited to any particular genre of music. In fact, you can find harmonicas in blues, rock, pop, and classical music. Once you start to get the hang of playing the harmonica, you can begin to play in different genres and find the one that you like best. After you discover what style of music you like you can find online harmonica lessons that focus on that style and take your skills even farther. There is a lot more involved to learn harmonica and master the mouth organ.

Who can forgot that the harmonica is fun to play? It is fun to learn harmonica since you don’t have to worry about reading music. You also don’t have to worry about where to put your hands. With guitar, you have to use both of your hands in different ways at the same time. With piano you left and right hands are doing something different while your feet are doing even more. To play a trumpet you have to blow and use both hands. A harmonica, on the other hand, is simple and fun. Simply hold the harmonica and blow.

Lastly, learning harmonica is fun because it is unique. How many of your friends are taking piano or guitar lessons? Chances are many of them. How many are taking harmonica lessons? Not many, right. So if you learn harmonica, you will have a skill your friends don’t have and that is a good thing. You might even get invited to parties and get-togethers simply because you can play the harmonica.

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So Learn Harmonica and enjoy it.
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