Why Learn to Play Harmonica?

Why would you want to learn to play harmonica?

  • The harmonica is one of the easiest instruments to learn.
  • An hour a day can have you playing in no time.
  • A harmonica is small enough you can carry it around anywhere.
  • With online harmonica lessons, you can access them from a smart phone.
  • You have everything you need to practice with you all day long.
  • You could take them out during your lunch break for a few minutes of practice.
  • You could practice while you are waiting to pick up the kids from soccer.
  • Practicing harmonica is much easier than practicing the piano.

If you Learn to Play Harmonica what now?

Learn to play HarmonicaYou can learn to play harmonica quite quickly and easily. Once you have learned, you can begin to impress people by whipping it out and playing it at special occasions. Just imagine what would happen if at a party you played a few songs to entertain guests. It is unique too. How many times have you seen someone play harmonica at a party? Yet, at some of the biggest concerts, you see musicians playing harmonicas. John Popper and Neil Young are two that come to mind. By learning to play harmonica, you can introduce your friends what a great and powerful instrument a harmonica is.


How to Learn to Play Harmonica

There are numerous ways to learn to play Harmonica, from teaching yourself to paying for a professional teacher for one on one lessons. As we have said before one of the great things about the Harmonica is that it is failry easy to learn, by that I mean very quickly you can learn and play some great tunes, so from beginner to being able to play it has a short time scale (with you put the work in of course!). Once you have learnt the basic skills you then have a lifetime to grow those skills and  become a real acomplished Harp player who feels it.

Because of the quick learning curve you can learn to play harmonica using an online course very easily. George Goodman offrs a great online course over at Harp ‘N’ Guitar, h9is course consista of 15 hours of video tuition, where you play along with him learning as you go. Chek out one of his lessons below.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

Learn How To Play Harmonica

Good luck when you decide to learn to play harmonica!

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