Mouth Organ

Mouth Organ

The Mouth Organ

The mouth organ has been around since early in the nineteenth century in Europe.  There are many instruments from different countries that are called mouth organ.  The harmonica is the instrument most of us associate with mouth organs.  The harmonica is like an organ because it is well known for its ability to play chords easily.  In fact, anyone picking up a harmonica can play perfect chords simply by blowing into it.

The mouth organ is easy to learn.

There are several great reasons to learn to how play the harmonica.  You will be able to impress your friends by whipping out a harmonica and playing it at your next get together.  The harmonica produces such a great blues sound that everyone loves to hear it played.    It is easy to start learning.  Simple search for online lesson to learn the mouth organ.

The lessons will normally start by teaching you how to play single notes.  This is  like a piano student beginning with songs played with one finger.  Once you can do this, you will learn to play multiple notes together, or chords.  Once you have mastered that one, you will move on to playing on the inhale and bending notes.

Learn Mouth Organ the ‘Easy Way’

This is the usual way to learn any instrument, but there is a great harmonica teacher that I can recommend and that is George Goodman and his ‘Harp ‘N’ Guitar’ Course. It is a complete video course where you learn by playing alone with him. It’s a great way to learn because it is fun and engaging and he will lead you by the hand step by step to becoming a competent harmonica player. Check out one of his lessons below.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

How to Play the Mouth Organ

Mouth Organ

It takes years to master the piano or guitar, but the mouth organ doesn’t take years.  And the great news is that to the people listening, the mouth organ sounds great even if you make mistakes.


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