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Play The Harmonica

Play the Harmonica

Play the Harmonica

Play the Harmonica

There are many wonderful instruments in the world but for me the Harmonica is one of the most underrated. When I first learnt to play the harmonica, after the first hour of trying I was wasn’t to sure it was for me. Sure I had heard some great blues, folk and Jazz being played with the harmonica and that is why I chose to try and play one, but man I was awful.

Why was I so awful, that I nearly put myself off trying to learn to Play the Harmonica?

A good question! Well, what was I thinking going out and buying a harmonica, sitting down and thinking this can’t be hard and just going for it? I had no idea what I was doing and no process or structure to what I was trying to achieve. What I really needed to learn play the harmonica was both of these things, structure and a process to follow. I needed this in order to correctly learn the basics and understand the workings of the harmonica and what its limits are. Clearly sitting down and just giving it a go was not going to help me.
Play the Harmonica

So what do you need to learn to play the harmonica?

Don’t forget, I knew virtually nothing about music and I could not play any other instrument. What I really needed was some lessons. I could have gone out and found a teacher, one on one, in my local area but this was quite expensive. Then I looked one line and found out there were hundreds of online courses, some free and some I would have to pay for, but not as much as a local teacher.

I then tried some of the free ones on YouTube and leant quite a bit but I was still struggling to improve and understand what I was doing. I came across a YouTube video from George Goodman and I really liked the way he taught. Basically right from the start with his free and easy manner, he had my attention and I was playing along with him. He has a great course completely designed for beginners like me and it is renowned as being one of the best courses out there. I am certainly jamming with the best of them now and am real happy I found this online video course.


Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

How to Play Harmonica

Play the Harmonica and get more out of life.

How To Play Harmonica

How To Play Harmonica

How To Play HarmonicaLearning How To Play Harmonica is quick and easy. The harmonica is also a great instrument for people who feel they are not musical. It also makes a great first instrument. A common harmonica has ten holes. To make music you blow or draw through one or several of the holes. This is a whole lot easier than having to learn where to put your fingers on other instruments.

Another reason learning how to play harmonica is great for beginners is that you do not have to learn to read music. Learning piano means you have to learn to read sheet music, read the notes, the sharps, the flats, etc. You don’t have to know any of that to learn to play a harmonica.

Music for harmonicas is called tabs. Harmonica tabs are very simple to read, understand, and follow. Tabs consist of a plus or minus sign, a number, and quote marks. A plus sign means to blow through the hole while a minus sign means to draw. The number tells you what hole. And the quote marks is there if you have to bend a note. More on bending notes later. A sample tab might look like +6. This means to blow through hole 6. Another one might be -8’. This one means to draw through hole 8 and bend the note.


How To Play Harmonica.

Process when you learn How To Play Harmonica.

There is a logical progression to follow when learning to play the harmonica. The first technique you need to learn is to blow through a single hole. This is more difficult than it sounds since you mouth will cover at least three holes. The most common technique is to use your tongue to block the holes you don’t want to use. Learning to do this lets you learn how to control the notes you play. Once you learn how to block holes, you can begin to play simple songs.

The next skill you need to learn is to draw through a hole. A draw is simply an inhale. The harmonica will play two different notes depending on whether you inhale or exhale through the hole. What this does is doubles the number of notes you can play. Once you learn this one, then you are ready to play chords. Playing a chord is blowing or drawing through more than one hole at a time. This third skill will really open up the number of songs you are able to play. At this point playing harmonica will become more fun.

The next skill is most likely the hardest to learn. This one is bending notes. On a standard harmonica there are certain notes you will not be able to play. The way the harmonica is designed means these notes are missing. Never fear, you can play these notes. You have to bend the notes. You do this by changing the size of your mouth. Most people do this by pressing their tongue down lower in their mouth. By changing the size of your mouth, the sound produced changes. This technique is probably the hardest one you will have to learn, and no kidding, it can take a while to get this one. But once you’ve got it, you will have learned everything you need to know to play the harmonica well.

After you Learn the Basics of How To Play Harmonica.

Once  How To Play Harmonica, you will need to practice them and practice them a lot. This is where a harmonica is so great. They are so small and portable you can carry them with you everywhere and break it out when you have a few spare minutes. If you were learning how to play the harmonica using online lessons and you have a smart phone, you are on top of your game. You can open up the lessons on your smart phone and practice wherever you are. Try doing that with a piano.

Just like any other instrument, to get really good you have to practice. Be sure to carry your harmonica around with you so you can get in the practice you need. Chances are after just a few lessons, your friends will enjoy listening to you and never notice any mistakes you make. Go ahead and get a harmonica and find some online lessons like the “George Goodman Harmonica Lessons” and get started today. You can be impressing your friends with your new found skills in next to no time.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

Playing Harmonica

Once you Learn How To Play Harmonica you will have a whole new world opened up for you.

Learn Harmonica Online

Learn Harmonica Online

Learn How To Play The HarmonicaIf you want to learn to play a musical instrument, you will find hundreds of musical instruments to choose from. Many of them take many hours of practice before you can even play a basic tune, let alone become competent at playing them. You would also need to hire a qualified music teacher and spend quite a lot of money in the process of learning them.
There are some instruments out there which break this common theme, and are actually easy to learn to play; one of these being the Harmonica. This makes it ideal for learning on line. To Learn Harmonica Online you will have a huge choose of online courses. If of you are going to take this route you really need to make sure you choose the right one to insure you don’t waste your money.

Learn Harmonica Online – a point to note

It is also important that you learn the correct techniques and skills right from the off. Picking up bad habits or poor technique can hold you back when you try and move on to the next level. So if you learn harmonica online then make sure you choose the right course.

Learn Harmonica Online

Learn Harmonica Online – Video Lessons

In my opinion video lessons are great to help you learn harmonica online because:-
  • You can hear and see exactly what you are supposed to be doing.
  • You can play along with your teacher.
  • You can rewind it and play it as many times as you need to get it right.
  • You can pause the video and have a good look at any techniques or mouth positions.
  • You can learn any time of the day or night, it’s up to you, and you have no schedule to follow.
These are just some of the benefits.
Although there are many courses out there George Goodman’s Harp ‘N’ Guitar is one of the best available. He has a great relaxed style and he will teach you all the correct techniques and skills and have you playing in no time. Have a look at his video below and find out more.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

Learning Harmonica

Learn Harmonica Online and Wow your Friends with your harmonica playing!

Learning Harmonica

Learning Harmonica

Learning HarmonicaLearning harmonica is not difficult. Master a few skills and you know what you need to know. How ever, mastering the harmonica is a totallydifferent story.To become a true master and really feel it you are going to spend a lifetime fine tuning your technique and skils.

Really Learning Harmonica

A few hours of lessons can have you playing songs that may impresses your friends. But you need much more than a few hours to really play harmonica.
The most important thing with lessons as a beginner is that you learn the correct techniques and don’t pick up any bad habits right at the start. In lessons designed for beginners you will aim to learn the fundamentals and put them together to learn a few songs and after that it depends on you.

Learning Harmonica and Honing your skills

The important thing after learning the basics is to play, play, play and start getting the feel for the songs you know, learn to play the heck out of them and you will slowly learn to adjust you playing to get that feel just right. The more you play and the more time you put into it, the better you will be. Do you think that Bob Dylan or Junior Wells got as good as they were with only few hours of lesson and a bit of practice?
Now you know Learning Harmonica and taking lessons is only the beginning, it is important to make sure you get the right lessons to start you off in the best possible way. It is going to take some dedication on your part but with the right lessons you will be away to a great start.
Learning Harmonica has another advantage it is a great instrument for leraning to play using an online course. Recognised as having one of the best online courses is George Goodman over at Harp ‘N’ Guitar. He has a course aimed at beginners which has 15 hours of play along video learning and some great digital music books included. Why not look at the video and find out more.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

Learn to Play Harmonica

Learning Harmonica is a great thing to do !

Learn To Play Harmonica

Why Learn to Play Harmonica?

Why would you want to learn to play harmonica?

  • The harmonica is one of the easiest instruments to learn.
  • An hour a day can have you playing in no time.
  • A harmonica is small enough you can carry it around anywhere.
  • With online harmonica lessons, you can access them from a smart phone.
  • You have everything you need to practice with you all day long.
  • You could take them out during your lunch break for a few minutes of practice.
  • You could practice while you are waiting to pick up the kids from soccer.
  • Practicing harmonica is much easier than practicing the piano.

If you Learn to Play Harmonica what now?

Learn to play HarmonicaYou can learn to play harmonica quite quickly and easily. Once you have learned, you can begin to impress people by whipping it out and playing it at special occasions. Just imagine what would happen if at a party you played a few songs to entertain guests. It is unique too. How many times have you seen someone play harmonica at a party? Yet, at some of the biggest concerts, you see musicians playing harmonicas. John Popper and Neil Young are two that come to mind. By learning to play harmonica, you can introduce your friends what a great and powerful instrument a harmonica is.


How to Learn to Play Harmonica

There are numerous ways to learn to play Harmonica, from teaching yourself to paying for a professional teacher for one on one lessons. As we have said before one of the great things about the Harmonica is that it is failry easy to learn, by that I mean very quickly you can learn and play some great tunes, so from beginner to being able to play it has a short time scale (with you put the work in of course!). Once you have learnt the basic skills you then have a lifetime to grow those skills and  become a real acomplished Harp player who feels it.

Because of the quick learning curve you can learn to play harmonica using an online course very easily. George Goodman offrs a great online course over at Harp ‘N’ Guitar, h9is course consista of 15 hours of video tuition, where you play along with him learning as you go. Chek out one of his lessons below.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

Learn How To Play Harmonica

Good luck when you decide to learn to play harmonica!

How to Play Mouth Organ

How to Play Mouth Organ

How to Play Mouth OrganLearning how to play mouth organ is a great new hobby to pick up.  The mouth organ, or harmonica, is easy to learn.  There are four skills you have to learn to master it.  You have to play single notes, play chords, play by inhaling, and bending notes.  You can find lessons online to teach you.  You need to take your time and evaluate the mouth organ lessons to see if they will work or not.  There are people selling lessons that just don’t know what they are talking about.

Make sure there are enough lessons.  You should expect at least 10 hours of lessons to start with.  The lessons also need to progress in a logical way.  You should learn single notes, chords, inhaled notes, and bending notes, in close to that order.

Lessons on How to Play Mouth Organ

You want the lessons to have audio included preferably video.  You will not be able to tell if your notes sound right unless you have a sound to compare it against.

When you find lessons that meet these requirements, you probably have a winner.  Before you buy, take a few more minutes and look for some reviews from customers and see what they said.  When you find lessons with a lot of customers praising it, then you can feel confident enough to buy the lessons.

The best how to play mouth organ lesson online

There are some great lesson online have a look over at George Goodman ‘Harp ‘N’ Guitar’, he has some of the best lesson on the internet to teach you. He has beginner lessons with 15 hours of video purely aimed at teaching beginners the fundamentals of how to play the harmonica. You et to play alone right from the start learning all the aspect of the harp as you go. So there is no stress and lots of enjoyment and he includes some great digital songbooks to go along with the lessons.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

Mouth Organ Harmonica

I hope you enjoy learning how to play mouth organ good luck.

Mouth Organ

Mouth Organ

Mouth Organ

The Mouth Organ

The mouth organ has been around since early in the nineteenth century in Europe.  There are many instruments from different countries that are called mouth organ.  The harmonica is the instrument most of us associate with mouth organs.  The harmonica is like an organ because it is well known for its ability to play chords easily.  In fact, anyone picking up a harmonica can play perfect chords simply by blowing into it.

The mouth organ is easy to learn.

There are several great reasons to learn to how play the harmonica.  You will be able to impress your friends by whipping out a harmonica and playing it at your next get together.  The harmonica produces such a great blues sound that everyone loves to hear it played.    It is easy to start learning.  Simple search for online lesson to learn the mouth organ.

The lessons will normally start by teaching you how to play single notes.  This is  like a piano student beginning with songs played with one finger.  Once you can do this, you will learn to play multiple notes together, or chords.  Once you have mastered that one, you will move on to playing on the inhale and bending notes.

Learn Mouth Organ the ‘Easy Way’

This is the usual way to learn any instrument, but there is a great harmonica teacher that I can recommend and that is George Goodman and his ‘Harp ‘N’ Guitar’ Course. It is a complete video course where you learn by playing alone with him. It’s a great way to learn because it is fun and engaging and he will lead you by the hand step by step to becoming a competent harmonica player. Check out one of his lessons below.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

How to Play the Mouth Organ

Mouth Organ

It takes years to master the piano or guitar, but the mouth organ doesn’t take years.  And the great news is that to the people listening, the mouth organ sounds great even if you make mistakes.


Modern Blues Harmonica

Modern Blues Harmonica

Modern Blues HarmonicaModern Blues Harmonica was not around when the first spark of Blues music was igniting. Starting in the rural deep south of the USA. African-America people living in the era of the slave trade were the first to feel the blues. Traditionally the field hollers chanted work songs, and man they had good reason to feel the blues. Later it incorporated folk and popular music of the time, eventually morphing into the powerful and emotive sounds of today.

The first recorded Blues music dates back to the 1920’s. At this time there was no clear musical separation of blues or country, generally it was separated by the race of the performers. Today Blues has its own genre and there are many cultural and geographical influences which have gone into the melting pot. This has produced the modern blues we know and love today.

The Modern Blues Harmonica Players will influence the future Blues Music!

Modern blues will continue to evolve and change in the future incorporating the many diverse changes to our environment and culture. That’s what is so great about the modern blues, it is constantly in a state of flux and the modern blues harmonica players of today will weld that influence.

The harmonica which was first introduced to the USA in 1862 by ‘Hohner ‘ was perfectly suited to the blues. It was an immediate hit, selling over 1 million harps by 1887. It was cheap relatively easy to learn and could move the heart and soul. It is not surprising that the harmonica and the blues grew up together, giving us the modern blues harmonica music of today.

Some of the all-time great Modern Blues Harmonica players like Little Walter, Big Walter, James Cotton, and John Lee, became household names. They were playing some of the best blues harmonica music and so really put Blues music on the map.


Learning to Play Modern Blues Harmonica

Learning the modern blues harmonica can be hard or it can be made easy. There are many ways to learn to play the harp, from finding a one on one tutor who is a great player, to searching the Web for an online course.  One on one tutoring can prove beyond most people’s pockets, but there are many online courses which can teach you the modern blue harmonica.

Choosing the right one is the thing, personally I recommend George Goodman’s Harp ‘N’ Guitar, and it’s an awesome way to learn. It is not like normal lessons. His 100% play along video course is the first of its kind. You are playing along with him all the time and he will grab you by the hand and take you step by step to becoming a competent harmonica player.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

The course would have frankly been impossible with any other instrument as it would of taken 100’s of hours of video lessons. The Harmonica is an easy instrument to learn so is ideal for this type of course. So why not go over to Harp ‘N’ Guitar now and check it out. You can begin your journey to learning the Modern Blues Harmonica today,Blues Harmonicas

Harmonica Lessons Online

Learn Harmonica

Harmonica Lessons Online

Looking for Harmonica lessons Online? Well you are in luck the internet is overflowing with them, some good some bad and some Awesome!! Some will require hours and hours of practice till you have got them off to a tee. Others help you jump right in playing along in easy step by step stages, you learn all you need to be able to play the Harp and jam with the best of them.

Which Harmonica Lessons Online?

I know which way I chose to learn. Yep, your right, I wanted to jump straight in and start playing some great tunes, right from day one. Harmonica Lessons Online can be expensive and take up lots of your time. It will depend on how seriously you want to learn the Harp and what your budget is which Harmonica Lessons Online you ultimately decide to take.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great SongsYou pay for what you get generally, if you pay nothing that’s what you generally get at the end of it, if you search YouTube you can actually find some great free lessons. Check this one out by a guy called George Goodman, his method of teaching Rocks…

Just to show you how his lesson work up front he gives you a lesson with his lovely assistant before you even find out what great things he is offering in his very successful ‘Harp ‘N’ Guitar’ video lessons.

So you are going to have to decide just how serious you are and how badly you want to succeed before you commit yourself. There are a lot of lessons out there which take a lot of your time up and require a lot of monotonous practice. The main problem with this is that eventually you will start to dread turning on your computer to take the next lesson. Frankly a lot of them just aren’t fun, so you get bored and slowly but surely you stop coming back and you end up just wasting your money.

Great Harmonica Lessons Online

Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune and spend every waking hour working hard on your technique and technical knowledge. George Goodman harmonica lessons online will help you jump straight in you learn by doing it, you play along with George Goodman in his unique video course in easy stages. He takes you by the hand and leads you step by step to becoming a competent harmonica player.

His Online Harmonica Lessons are specifically aimed at complete beginners and non-musicians; they are also perfect for an intermediate player who can’t quite make it the next level. So do yourself a favour and help yourself learn in a structured but fun way.

George Goodman Harmonica Lessons

Go over to George Goodman  Harmonica Lessons Online to find out more.

Harmonica Lessons Online

George Goodman Harmonica Lessons

George Goodman Harmonica Lessons

How would you like to learn to play the Harmonica in 3 months and sound good without the hard graft and toil?

George Goodman Harmonica Lessons are specifically design to help you achieve this. In that time his aim is to have you confidently playing your favourite songs, Jam with other musicians and even play with a band on stage!

Don’t believe that George Goodman Harmonica Lessons can help you achieve this?

Well just Click here to find out what people are saying about George Goodman’s Harmonica Lessons and you will be amazed at what is possible. He teaches in an unorthodox way which is designed to keep you relaxed and focused on what you really want to know. So forget all though long boring practice sessions, ploughing through hours of scale bashing.

George Goodman Harmonica Lessons aka ‘Harp ‘N’ Guitar’.

They are intended explicitly for harmonica beginners and non-musicians, they are also perfect for intermediate harmonica players who have developed bad habits (or feel they have peak and cannot get to the next level.

If you are brand new to the Harmonica or not really a musician George Goodman Harmonica Lessons will take you by the hand and lead you step by step to becoming a fully competent harmonica player, in a very short space of time. Every lesson will build on what you have learnt in the previous lesson and he does it in such a way that you don’t even realize that you are in a learning course you just feel like you are jamming along with him and holding your own.

Harp n Guitar- To Play Great Songs

Harmonica Lessons

A lot of people are saying real good things about Harp ‘N’ Guitar and how they have helped them to learn in an easy and structured way to become great Harp players. So If your ready to start learning why not head over to Harp ‘N’ Guitarg and see what he has to offer.

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